As soft, delicate, and precious as honey, its name evokes the purity of nature and all that we hold dear…

“Honey” is a delightful plain fabric, in 100% organically produced cotton satin. Its stone washed finish gives it exceptional softness and structure.

DELICATESSE presents 16 veils from previous collections and a new creation: LISON SHEER, to offer you a wide range of veils, very complete.

The DELICATESSE collection is a compilation of voiles with different textures, different prints. 

 Let yourself be seduced by the original essence of these fabrics which evoke softness, the beauty of nature and elegant comfort.

Our collection of “Originelle” fabrics is an ode to softness and nature. Each fabric in this collection embodies a timeless and poetic aesthetic.

In a wonderfully rich universe, with finely worked details, the velvet is with lightness and character, it gives the armchairs a lot of subtleness and elegance.

DIVINE is a velvet collection with warm, cosy, soft and comfortable velvet. 

The designs are printed in a large format ina very well-applied maximalist style. The wall decor has the fascinating ambiance of a fascinatingcuriosity cabinet.

Plants, fruit and exotic birds blend and come together in a composition brimming with details andvibrant colours. Drawn in the style of old botanic encyclopaedias, their realism and their detail takesthe viewer to the middle of an immense dense forest . 

Velvet jacquards with multi-coloured patterns, “Arenal” and “Lekeitio” are worked in the same quality of fabric and the same colour range as “Biscaya” and “Arriaga”. These fabrics can therefore be combined in perfect harmony. The colour combinations : classic, soft or deep come together in beautiful palettes selected by our stylist, to work their irresistible charm in your home.

“Biscaya” and “Arriaga” are velvet jacquards in keeping with the graphic rules of our “BILBAO” universe. The dense pile of the velvet gives the fabric a remarkable volume with infinite richness. The colours are deep and the lines are extremely precise to create gorgeous and exceptionally elegant armchairs and sofas. 

The colour scheme is either theatrical or delicate creating a décor which can be extremely bold or softer and subtle.

“JE T’AIME” features a feather design, embroidered on an elegant cotton cloth. Its undulating movement shows a particularly harmonious dynamic. 

The cloth has a linen finish, the earthtone shades are subtle. The embroidery lifts the design, and the raw yarn reinforces the natural aspect of the colours.

«KAOLIN» is a white, clay-like rock, used for millennia in ceramic-making. Our embroidered “KAOLIN” fabric uses curved lines which show off a beautiful simplicity, slightly naïve, creating a totally unique aesthetic. 

More than just a decor “Oasis”is a living ecosystem where all the elements are in perfect osmosis :remarkable luminosity and a finely-worked colour palette,functional sobriety and a touch of imagination….The balance comes from the contemporary lines combining soft geometry, an energetic nature and a slight exotic nomadic influence.

To create these collections, Camengo imagined the home like a haven of well-being and serenity : this ideal cocoon unlike any other, so good to come back to. 

Airy tubular constructions cover the walls with lightness, spheres and criss-cross effects come to life with their very refined tones, 3D compositions are dynamic, vibrant and full of personality. Designs, colours and textures in balance in a chic urban collection restyled with softness.

In a geometric and minimalist theme, Camengo is infused with beautiful energy, filled with light and vitality. The “Utopia” universe brings together clean graphic lines with a communicative optimism. 

Linen and cotton are favoured, in honour of nature. The jacquard enhances the softness and richness of the fabrics.

Bucolic, airy, romantic…thousands of fresh flowers on chairs, cushions, curtains flourishing throughout the house creating an eternal spring, to enjoy every day. Their finely drawn style is inspired by both Eastern and Western traditions, prints and watercolours, in small and large formats, creating an especially poetic composition. 

A thoroughly personalised environment, room by room, piece by piece, colour by colour… A real communion with your decorative side.

This botanical collection is a colourful and luminous refuge of well-being and rejuvenation : the home. 

filled with history and culture with its graphic compositions, sophisticated palettes and multitude of original details giving this unique collection its personality.

“BILBAO” reinterprets the contours and vibrant atmosphere of this city, 

Adventures for each day, living in the midst of floral giraffes, stripy whales, friendly tigers, fluffy sheep-like clouds….on a treasure-hunt : a treasure to be found in our short animated film made especially for the launch of this new children’s collection. Let yourself be carried away by the magical universe of “Rose & Nino”.

“Rose & Nino” tells lovely stories full of kindness and creativity, colours and sweetness, animals and adorable drawings…This collection, designed for boys and girls up to the age of 6, creates a magical décor for their bedroom, filling their days and nights with little pleasures to taste, invent and imagine. 

The decor recalls the music halls of large cities, which have become an essential source of inspiration for those who celebrate life everyday….

An ambiance straight out of the Roaring Twenties with its exuberance, imagination and sparkling sequins ! ”Lumière” pays a vibrant tribute to Joséphine Baker : free, bold and idealistic.This ambiance borrows from the glamourous sophistication and creative geometry of Art Deco in an upbeat manner. 

A perfect balance of refined lines and natural materials, worked traditionally to pay homage to traditional crafts : weaving, canework, embroidery, pottery…

The East Village, a historical neighbourhood in New York, reborn with an extremely contemporary décor, but without losing the original features which give it its unique identity. Like a bubble of calm in the modern world, it has an atmosphere which is restful, radiant and soothing. 

Here the uplifting vegetation flourishes throughout the house: warm, joyful, radiant. A friendly atmosphere tinged with a delicious nonchalance invites epicureans to contemplate and enjoy the wonderful setting.

In the heart of the drama of nature and the summer villa atmosphere of “VILLA D’ETE” shows us the necessity of living well. 

It tells a story of conviviality, slightly nostalgic and romantic, in a marvellously cosy ambiance, paying tribute to the sweetness of life and the pleasure of being at home.

A huge bouquet of flowers, a pinch of authentic folk traditions and the influence of a Bohemian spirit promise you a beautiful summer (in French “un bel été !”)This ambiance recites a joyful poem with sparkling charm,rich in references to folklore and filled with their ancestral crafts manship. 

 “BOOMERANG” creates an aesthetic and pared-back look based on the simplicity and strength of graphic lines.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the Design Revolution of “BOOMERANG”. An exercise in geometry, symmetry, repeated looks…. brought together in an artistic and unrestrained manner.

Geometric motifs, pigmented colorama, modern comfort and scrupulously crafted…the interior is modelled according to the desire for well-being and style of each inhabitant. The house is light, happy and open to the world.

Sunny and unmistakably urban “SAN FRANCISCO” awakens a radiant euphoria, a joyful alchemy. Its graphic and colourful designs are inspired by street art, they are filled with spontaneity and creativity to create wonder on a daily basis. 

This fabric is certified Oeko-Tex: this label is defined by technical standards, guaranteeing the health and environmental qualities of fabrics, leathers and guarantees the absence of products harmful for health and the environment. “RAMILLE” is available in 28 colours.

“RAMILLE” is a double-width or double-drop plain, depending on your requirements for curtains. Its dupion cotton appearance is slightly irregular and patinated, giving a very supple drape and incredible softness. In 100% polyester, “RAMILLE “is easy-care and robust even after washing. 

With a generous volume, exceptional softness and a contemporary matte finish to give rich fabrics.

The “TAMIA” collection is composed of 3 velvet designs, ideal for upholstering seating. The corduroy velvets TAMIA and OKAPI are available with 2 different size ribs, which, thanks to their 50,000 Martindale, combine durability, softness and a contemporary style. 

 Designed in 300cm width, its 100% polyester composition makes it washable. “Macao” is available in a wide range of 30 Camengo shades

The “Macao” plain is a beautiful replica of wild Shantung silk. With a polyester yarn which imitates dupion silk, the fabric is slightly shiny and extremely supple.

Are you sitting comfortably? Choose the place where the story takes place: • The forest and its wildlife playing hide and seek in the foliage? • The garden and the mischievous animals? • The farm and the touching farmyard? And now, off we go!

Three worlds to discover in a single bedroom: this is the (little) odyssey. Like in a beautiful storybook, the three stories unfold into a panoramic landscape where you can let your eyes drift. 

Designed in a more ecological and respectful manner, this fibre retains all the technical properties of polyester: stability when washed, hardwearing colours, and lightness. Designed for curtains “JIVE” is available in 28 very rich colours.

“JIVE” is a very beautiful, supple and soft plain. It displays its creativity with its dupion yarn, in a rather raw linen-look, to create beautiful texture by contrasting the materials. It is composed of 92% recycled polyester, from mineral-water bottles and food packaging. 

It’s up to you: small touches as cushions or allover on an armchair to underline the boldness and theatrical temperament of this fabric. The added bonus of “FELIN” is that it is produced close-by in Belgium.

The “FELIN” pattern is part of the “TAMIA” collection to add its irresistible eccentric. This beautiful velvet jacquard has fun with the materials: contrasting matte and shine, and is both rich and elegant. 

The size of the design, the materials and the tones evoke the splendour of this fabulous bird.

“JEWEL” pays tribute to the peacock, a joy of nature with its extraordinary plumage and naturally sparkling colours. The embroidery magnifies the design with its depth, and shine adding to its soul.