In an alcove, ARCANE keeps its secrets. The collection results from research undertaken by Casamance combined with unique expertise. Characterised by a thick foam-backing covered in velvet or linen, it provides both acoustic comfort and aesthetic pleasure. For these astonishing wallcoverings, the opulent depth echoes the deep shades and the muted sounds mirror the softness of the velvet.

The collection surrounds us with a bouclette of astonishing softness. Covering the walls with its contemporary shades and the tranquillity its texture inspires, it offers an escape from hustle and bustle of life and transforms spaces into a protective sanctuary where the outside world disappears.

In the Japanese sky, the sun does not simply shine, it releases a hikari, a warming and revitalising light. A promise of purity or a metaphor for hope, the hikari is more than just a ray of light: it is a feeling, an emotion linked to the natural world. This concept is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture and has inspired Casamance for this collection. Each of designs comes to life from different perspectives, from a poetic garden to the undulating lines and the iridescent fibres of woven papers. The soft shades of HIKARI enhance natural materials and shapes.

A 100% linen collection celebrating natural materials. Linen is a fine material which has withstood the test of time and changing fashions. On walls it displays its colour simply, without artificiality, sometimes with addition of the imprint of a timeless design, delicate foliage or an exquisite mosaic. Since its creation, Casamance designs, edits and produces linen fabrics and wallcoverings. In a range of natural shades, LINORA is the continuity of the brand’s DNA.

EXPLORATION gives free-rein to the imagination and leads us towards new horizons. Imagine a life-sized odyssey to discover the beauty of the world from inside your own home.  That is the vocation of this collection, in which each design can be infinitely repeated. Guarantor of expertise in the world of wallcoverings, Casamance embarks upon a true exploration of materials, formats and techniques. Heir to the “savoir-faire” of the past, with an eye on the future, for this collection the brand has adopted innovative designs and proposes many textures, from velvet to natural fibres. Allow yourself to be inspired by landscapes from the ends of the earth, the collection opens the door to all imaginable possibilities.

Natural and luxurious, the SOLAL collection is the setting for authentic and wild beauty. The raffia, sisal, wood-pulp, cotton and oriental linen fibers are the jewels. The plant matter is crafted to respect its uniqueness, making the most of an unsteady hand and the irregularity of the fiber. Bearing artisanal know-how and respecting the materials, the collection combines plant fibers with exquisite weaves. Imperfect and stunning, cut-out and glued in astonishing geometric compositions, they are available in a range of natural colors and cover their walls with their natural beauty.

In the heart of Colorado, from the Rockies to the Great Plains, JASPER envelops us with the warmth of its materials and the softness of its colors. This unique collection combines linen, alpaca, wool and cotton and enhances their natural look with the glow of viscose yarn. Woven less than 30 kilometers from Casamance headquarters JASPER comes to life using traditional Jacquard loom techniques. The light is captured in the meandering woolly threads and the spectacular landscapes of the American West are transformed on the walls.

We never really know where the atmosphere of a place comes from. This collection of wall velvets creates a special feeling right from the first glance. With these exquisite velvets, printed, embroidered, embellished with iridescent highlights MELLOW lends the walls its specific aura. With its restrained luxury and the depth of its muted shades, the collection is revealed, sculpted by the light. It borrows from the sensuality of Japanese gardens and the understated lines of Art Deco. A collection with many inspirations, with light and shade, softness and elegance as the connecting elements.

Divine alchemy of a non-woven voile and a metallic foil in this collection inspired by the goddess of heavenly light. THÉIA casts its soft golden and silver reflections over a range of exquisite colours and fills the atmosphere with a muted softness. It embraces the light, from dawn until dusk, capturing all the contrasts in the folds of the paper.

Authentic and natural, the collection borrows its name from an archipelago of spectacular beauty. Located near Iceland, nicknamed the “Sheep Islands”, the Faroes inspired a whole collection of wallcoverings. They transcribe the raw beauty of these landscapes onto the walls and are enhanced with subtle iridescence. Woven on a jacquard loom less than 30 kilometers from the Casamance headquarters, the collection benefits from our manufacturing expertise, using a weft mainly mixed from wool and linen. Dense and irregular at the same time, this thread brings nobility into the weaving and gives it a unique appearance. The warm, soft and deep colours seem to invite nature into our interiors. All the patterns and shades in the collection can be combined, recreating the magic of the Faroe Islands when sky, land and sea seem to be one.

Hanae can be translate as “small flower”. Graceful and delicate, the flax flower has inspired this collection. Ephemeral, it flowers for just a few hours, covering the fields with an unforgettable sight. It becomes linen fibres, harvested and treated before being woven in the Nord region of France. The expertise of Casamance during all these production stages results in a superb linen collection for walls. On the walls, the sky appears in elegant shades, scattered with shimmering radiance. The plants flourish with natural shades and give the feeling of a handembroidered wall.

An authentic collection base on sisal, a natural plant fibre from the agave sisalana plant. It is dried, spun, woven and then finished to decorate walls with an unbelievable texture. The material is printed with lush vegetation, welcoming a shimmering metallic yarn in its weave, blending colours to add infinite depth to interiors. Natural and elegant SISALANA appears in Casamance’s shades and coordinates with the fabrics.

A lavish collection, Louxor uses light as an adornment. In 1921, the Louxor, a cinema with a neo-Egyptian facade was inaugurated in Paris. The rules of Ancient Egypt fascinated Art Decor artists at the time, a century later they have inspired Casamance to create this lavish collection of wallcoverings. Majestic volume, graceful lacing, drawn between light and shade. Patterns withclear lines and pared-back shapes catch the light. The opulence and richness is portrayed through the depth of colour, flashes of precious metals, gold, copperor silver.

Amboise is an elegant collection, heir of “savoir-faire” and history. Designed to combine the past with the present and the traditional with the imaginary, the collection unites cotton and raffia to create beautiful textures. Resulting in sumptuous jacquards which cover the walls with dignity. The strong motifs are patinated with soft light, as if erased by time. In a modern interpretation of the traditional, Ambroise recreates the splendours of the past and dresses interiors in style.

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As light as a wing beat, the NATURALS collection dresses walls with natural fabrics. The linen is embroidered, perforated, metallized in soft tones and low-key designs. Inspired by the wings of a butterfly, NATURALS covers the walls with a beautifully highlighted voile. Ephemeral beauty combining with the timeless character of a unique and exquisite collection.

Variations of timeless linen, sublime and simple. Casamance presents LINESSENCE a wallcovering collection of 100% French linen with a modern twist. Linen, this magnificent and natural material, grown in France and processed in Europe, is celebrated in this luxurious collection. Finely woven, skillfully creased, pleated, coloured, the linen is softly tinted or intensely coloured. Structured, combined with other yarns and deceptively simple, becoming sophisticated with watercoloured finishes.

With Senshi, Casamance delivers a collection of rare power. Inspired by Haute Couture where a warrior’s armour can take on the beauty of a jewel, Senshi evokes artistic craftsmanship throug hits careful treatment of the materials and the finesse of the designs. The paper creates smooth waves, the sequins find their place. The textile is meticulously cut and pasted, the tissue paper gently crumpled and patinated, creating the illusion of metal. Beauty becomes strength and armour an ornament. Senshi transforms our walls into a felted case, protective and exquisite.