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Our experienced home improvement professionals can install everything. Whatever you need installed in your home, our team of experienced and insured pros are ready to get the job done correctly and on time.The experienced decorators of the company are always close to you. They propose, combine, prototype and deliver complete decorative proposals that perfectly suit your personal style. Our decorators study and create effective proposals and solutions, giving them the appropriate character you wish to give them. Whether it is a personal space, a pleasure boat, or a professional environment, you can completely trust our Interior Fashion Experts by entrusting them with your entire project.Our decorative services also include our expertly equipped sewing room and a reliable installation workshop with the appropriate know-how. The services of measuring, sewing, fitting and correct application of the fabrics chosen to decorate your spaces ensure a complete ready-to-deliver product (tailor made products).

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Services designed to serve PRIVATE and CORPORATE customers in everything related to fabric and shading mechanisms.

Durable, waterproof fabrics for outdoor spaces in a variety capable of covering a multitude of different styles, custom wallpapers, shading systems and blinds with smart features – all with the signatures of important international houses.

In addition to fabrics and patterns of excellent quality and high design, in the showroom you will also find everything you could need in terms of electric mechanisms and automation.

The store also undertakes to serve more specialized needs, such as the transformation of luxury yachts or even entire hotel units, with fabrics and mechanisms of high quality and taste.