The sense of detail and passion are at the heart of each fabric in our collection: cutout and richly embroidered botanical silhouettes, sumptuous cotton satins, iridescent velvets and voiles. With its extraordinary range of textures, Casamance draws the boundaries of a world of high standards and perfection.

Casamance pays tribute to the world-renowned expertise of French “haute couture”. For the great fashion houses, the quest for excellence is never ending, even backstage at the catwalk. Each gesture is repeated until it is perfect. 

The fabrics are given pride of place to create subtle contrasts between matt and shine.

The Chaumont collection showcases a magnified and stylised nature. 

Margay switches between strength and softness, between intense colours and a sublime feel. A fascinating and luxurious collection, designed for upholstery, perfectly at home in the intimacy of cosy rooms.

This tactile collection bears the name of the margay, a small, Central American wild cat whose speckled fur recalls the softness of velvet. Its vivid colours ask to be touched, an invitation to venture into the depths of the motifs. 

The polypropylene yarns with which it is woven are manufactured with a genuine concern for the environment and are fully recyclable.

Located in Greece, in the Cyclades archipelago, Amorgos is home to a mountainside village with colourful houses. The peaceful environment of the island is captured on the fabric. Made in Belgium, Amorgos is available in three colours. Our In&Outdoor Amorgos fabric combines performance & technology. It is designed to adapt to all living environments, indoor as well as outdoor, and is particularly suitable for garden furniture. It is resistant, easy to maintain and quick drying. And through the use of solution-dyed yarns, its colors are resistant to light, chlorinated water and sea water. 

The linen-look matte base,contrasts with the shine of the pile to create colour and light play.

A vibrant collection, of velvets created by our design studio. Monochrome or multi-coloured micro-patterns , the designs come together with audacity for a personal look. 

All motifs are woven on Jacquard looms, featuring well-structured, random or abstract geometric figures. They seduce with their creative graphics, often sublimated by bold colors.

It brings out the best in contemporary style, blending the utilitarian modernism of Bauhaus art with the minimalism of Art Deco. The fabrics thus explore different styles, sometimes injected with a subtle extravagance for greater visual appeal. 

These qualities are associated with Manade.

A compilation of several jacquards from the brand that have become essentials, offering fine patterns, subtle colors and mixed use. 

Opium expresses the mystery of the orient in an extensive palette of deep shades.

With its fascinating velvets printed with elegant patterns, Opium enchants and bewitches our senses. Its softness and radiance characterise this showcase collection. 

A wide stripe of embroidered interlacings gives this elegant cotton satin rhythm and a distinctive look.

Inspired by the glass roof of the Samaritaine department store, an Art Deco building designed by Fratz Jourdain. 

A linen voile inspired by the vast plains of Dakota and their incomparable colours. 

The Winona collection features a linen voile inspired by the vast plains of Dakota and their incomparable colours.

With its extraordinary range of textures, Casamance draws the boundaries of a world of high standards and perfection.

The most Parisian of collections displays all versions of elegance. In an of artists and their inner circle, the stripes and spirals meet and embroideries zigzag between the lines. The collection reinvents the rules of Art Deco with drama and sophistication, inspired by the fine materials and the geometries of the Roaring Twenties. Whether on the silky fabrics or the deep velvets, the shapes express their style in exquisite matte or glossy finishes. 

The texture lends itself admirably to making curtains, to which it gives a beautifully fluid drape. Embroidered with white, black, navy, khaki or orange acrylic thread, “Caravane” coordinates with the “Inka” fabric.

In the heart of the Atacama Desert, the traces of passages are inscribed in the sand. At the crossroads, these routes mark the landscape and inspire elegant interlacings, embroidered on the canvas. “Caravane” is a viscose and linen fabric, with a natural appearance, a supple and elegant drape. 

They create a design characteristic of Inca architecture, with cut and precisely positioned stones.

On a natural linen and cotton fabric, the embroidered stripes with different thicknesses and colours of yarn, satin and twisted links, create a symbolic path. 

Casamance explores the textures and shapes by putting raw, imperfect and unique creations on display. The simplicity of the lines is enhanced by the brushstroke on a linen cloth with a remarkable drape and their emotional strength reinforced by a range of terrestrial colours.

There are certain places where shape and colour combine to form one, places from which warmth and well-being radiate, places that carry emotion, shaped by the imprint of artists… “Atelier Sud” invites us to visit the Midi region of France where art and craft come together. Making the most of handmade items and the beauty of imprecise gestures. 

Embroidered, woven, randomly dyed, to give an artisanal style and a handwoven look. These textures recall the traditional weavings of the indigenous populations and take us to the high plains in the Andes with the alpacas.

A land of contrasts, this ancient town in southern Chili offers us an authentic and beautiful panorama. Volcanoes, rivers and forests inspire a range of earth shades and give us a collection of natural fabrics. Warm and soft, wool is extremely present, alongside linen and cotton.