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A collection of our most beautiful plains and textures sorted by universe of color.

It delicately follows the veins, the blade of a banana leaf and the striped foliage of a winter iris, accentuating them with iridescent highlights. In perfect fusion, the botanic print and the gold come together to give your interiors the most exquisite setting.

An encounter between the natural and the exquisite, where the raw materials combine with shining gold for unparalleled elegance. NATURE PRECIEUSE uses an innovative technique consisting of the application of metallic leaf to the raised texture.

Hand-painted murals, beautifully woven patchworks, plains and designs inspired Mexican flora and fauna are interpreted as fabulous shades. Walls are covered with deep colours, an expression of a lifestyle for which each moment is an opportunity to celebrate life.

The collection takes us on a voyage into the heart of colour. Inspired by the riches of Mexico, CASA AZUL combines natural materials and ancient artistic techniques. 

FAUBOURG DES LUMIERES is inspired by the patterns of this period, the abundance of textures and the metallic shine of its inks. In a range of deep tones, it features elegant geometric compositions influenced by the architecture and stained glass of the Thirties.

This bright and shining collection is inspired by the principles of Modernist Architecture. The 1937 Universal Exhibition in Paris was a step towards the transition from Art Deco to Modernism. At the heart of this event, the Light and Electricity Pavilion showcased their potential in the modern world. Designed by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, it featured light and kinetic technologies. 

The exquisite designs depict lush flora and timeless geometry. From oasis to palm groves, from temples to ancient cities, they come alive in muted tones and refined radiance.

Allow yourself to be carried away by a trip down the Nile, to discover the wonders of ancient and modern Egypt. A journey down the banks of the river, following its rhythm in a sailboat carried along by the wind… Its banks, like extraordinary hanging gardens, can be discovered through a collection filled with history and reinvented with contemporary style. 

The collections draws on these sources of inspiration to create wallcoverings that suggest peaceful landscapes using watercolors and highlighting the traditional skills of Provencal artisans. From ceramicists to weavers, the collection recreates traditional expertise using varied materials and a stunning color palette.

Terra Rossa, is the clay-rich red earth typical of the Mediterranean. It is also a venue in Salernes dedicated to ceramic art, combining traditional materials and modern techniques. 

Casamance draws inspiration from ceramics for these creations, sublimating their simplicity with iridescent inks to make them precious, and turning their imperfections into an asset.

Conceived as a dialogue between man and material, the CÉRAME collection explores the infinite possibilities offered by textures. It speaks to us of the mineral material transcended by the imagination and talent of the craftsman. The textures have in common a relationship with movement, with the hand that shapes and forms, colors and illuminates. 

With its perfectly matte finish the collection allows the light to gently glide over it and wraps the rooms in its earthy tones.

Inspired by walls in the South of France, this collection reproduces the look of lime wash. Its mineral character is found in the natural grain of the paper and the hand-painted stripes. 

It also focuses on the foliage of the native trees in a delicate design, recreating the natural look of plant fibres on the walls.

Set sail for a vast bay in the Indian Ocean, dotted with small islands where seagrass is cultivated. Let’s dock on the largest of them, Sri Lanka…Once known as the Resplendent Isle because of its abundant vegetation, it is composed of mountains, forests and mangroves. The collection features magnificent designs with a tropical inspiration on papers with extraordinary textures. 

The inks emphasize certain elements with precision, giving a detail a particular importance, as if to echo the spirit of Guimard.

The collection pays tribute to the genius of the architect and designer Hector Guimard, figurehead of French Art Nouveau. His unique style can be seen in the lines of this small Parisian mansion, the “Square Jasmin”. The collection portrays his prodigious creativity through floral designs, graphic lines and curves and delicate botanic scenes. The designs tells of elegant geometry revealed through textures. Between exquisite lustre and matte, each design expresses deep refinement which continues through the range of shades.

Exceptional places where the dune forests meet the ocean shores, where graceful wading birds call each year. All the mystery and fragility of nature is captured on a textured paper in luminous shades

This collection has been inspired by a scrap of land, a concentration of beauty in the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Arcachon Bay, Bird Island is well known for its huts built on stilts and its coastal landscapes. 

A creative strength radiates from each design, borrowing the artist’s freedom to shape and color the world in his own way. Each of the compositions appeals to the senses and is filled with remarkable energy.

Colours and shapes in movement are at the heart of this decorative collection. These original designs are inspired by the most beautiful pieces of abstract art. They showcase organic shapes, the scale of the designs and the variety of textures. 

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 It dresses interiors with a velvety softness and creates a delightful atmosphere. Exquisite blends of colours, the sophistication of the pattern and the textile sensation are invitations to refinement.

This “Casamance Essentiels” collection gives the illusion of being an actual fabric stretched on the walls.

With beauty, authenticity and colours as the common theme, Casamance takes you on the most wonderful journey. Welcome to the adventure…

Echoing the diversity of the world, AVENTURA includes a selection of decors inspired by the most beautiful landscapes on all the continents. With a wealth of deep-coloured vegetation, it radiates the cheerful spirit of the islands and takes us far away, from the Belize jungle to a small Italian village bathed in sunlight. 

By taking art into the heart of the home, the collections fulfils the desire for a new art of living.

Unique pieces with imperfect lines, in deep, warm earth tones have inspired Casamance for this collection. Planes of colour, geometric shapes and cut-outs take their place on our walls. They evoke artists’ studios, the study of organic shapes and textures. The artist’s technique is captured in the grain, which suggests a painter’s canvas, clay or embroidery. 

In the interplay of volume and light the contours of a distant city on the Silk Road, the crest of a wave sparkling in the moonlight, an oasis at dusk or a sky dotted with stars appear. All the jewels of an Arabian Night are showcased in the collection.

It takes its deep colours from the tales of A Thousand and One Nights, and its exquisite shine from the starry sky. Evocative of the Orient, the collection takes shape, lifted by sandy, metallic or iridescent inks. 

It welcomes superb landscapes, wise, sometimes wild. Snapshots of Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere sketched in the soft colours and delicate graphics, enveloping the walls with their poetry.

Fascinating and with vectors of the imagination, the islands of Southeast Asia inspire this collection. Archipel carries with it the promise of harmony with nature. The material with its grain and marquetry effects reminiscent of vegetal artisanship. 

The plants richness inscribes into the material and awakens our senses. This perfectly realistic wall collection meets our deep need for nature.

From natural material to wallpaper… The Precision of the gesture and beauty of the material emanate from these artisanal creations and are the origin for our vinyl textures. Expertly assembled and declined in subtle shades, the essences colonize the walls. 

Let yourself be intoxicated by the softness of the colours or surprised by the play on textures, by the precious shine of enhanced patinas…… Mirage offers the promise of a unique collection and a land of infinite riches.

A beautiful escape, like an invitation to travel between dreams, illusions and elsewhere… Go and explore the magic of the desert; perceive on the horizon the reflection of the surrounding nature, expanses of dunes as far as the eye can see and palm groves. 

The collection enriches its timeless range of 32 very modern colors and comes in a shiny and luxurious version : ANKAA.

A plant-based and natural material, linen is reinvented around a wide palette inspired by the hues of nature. An irregular weft and subtle nuances give the paper its textile appearance. 

Unique techniques add volume and highlights to the papers. Exquisite accents combine with the delicacy of the patterns. Alliages is an elegant collection with shimmering flashes of gold and silver.

Casamance becomes a goldsmith and transforms metals into jewellery for your walls. The original designs by our stylists, prints of metallic mail are the starting points for this creation. From start to finish, Casamance shapes the materials and explore their possibilities, proposing many combinations. 

 An iridescent lacquer, a sandy ink, underline the delicacy of the patterns and represents the quality of the summer’s end light. A bewitching collection with muted and luminous shades, the colours of an Indian Summer.

Autumnal fairy tale The collection is based around intense colours, dahlias and blooming roses. Drops of water create graceful curves whilst Belle de Nuit flowers reveal their beauty at dusk. The flamboyance of the start of autumn runs through the whole collection. The colourful shades bear witness to the exuberant flowers.

It reinterprets lush vegetation made of mango trees, flame trees and bougainvilleas. The designs and textures are available in a range of natural shades, from the softest to the most vivid.

Karabane is a lush island without roads close to the Casamance River, in southern Senegal. It is also an authentic collection which transfers the beauty of places onto the paper. The collection is inspired by a traditional fabric with geometric motifs representing exotic leaves. 

It mirrors the beauty of an unpolished nature and is available in a wide range of colours.

Whether rare and precious, real and natural, wood brings warmth and conviviality to all styles. This Casamance Essentiels collection pays tribute to exotic species, with this beautiful interpretation of their fine grain and colours. 

The shapes are simplified, the organic patterns are stylised, the geometric shapes softened with curves, the details lifted with metallic inks. Understated, rational and elegant : spring in Vienna.

A collection inspired by the Vienna Secession, the artistic movement which led to Art Nouveau, refined and irrefutably modern. Brought together in one concept, design and architecture inspire the style of the collection. 

Circles, diamonds and polygons come alive and seem to move when superimposed. Alternating matte and metallic inks give depth to the designs,and an illusion of volume, giving tempo to the whole.

The Art Deco style is recreated with illustrative and dynamic geometry. In an ambiance of muted tones, shapes multiply and overlap. 

This “Casamance Essentiels” collection gives the illusion of being an actual fabric stretched on the walls. It dresses interiors with a velvety softness and creates a delightful atmosphere. Exquisite blends of colours, the sophistication of the pattern and the textile sensation are invitations to refinement.

 The richness of fabrics, the“savoir-faire” of the master craftsman, are represented by the textile fibre and pleated linen finishes. Magical colours from far-off lands, the enchanting oriental tones blend with Hausmann surroundings.

Deeply alive, CEYLAN embodies the colour of travels. At across road of cultures, the collection tells of the textile heritage of India, its traditional craftsmanship and its colours. Finely-drawn floral or animal designs cover the walls.

In surprising, deep colours, the “Manille” collection designs are extremely sophisticated, woven with adeep grain, in subtle monochromes of plains. The force of nature is displayed in the harmony of the grain and the patterns..

Travel in search of genuineness with the “Manille” collection, inspired by woven plant fibres. Considered to be an art form in the Philippines, weaving is an ancient and traditional technique, passed down through the generations.

A luminous collection, with rich colours, immersing us in the depths of the oceans and the forests. The force of nature is displayed in the harmony of the grain and the patterns.

A collection which recalls the “Cortège d’Orphée” by Apollinaire, in which the poet associates an animal portrait with an image. An exquisite collection, ORPHEE brings wonderful drawings to life allowing the magic of the plant and animals kingdoms to emerge. Subtly used over matte inks, metallic flashes highlight the illustrations in the collection, adding depth to the patterns and revealing the sophistication of its contours. 

 The textile finish is available in two versions to fill interiors with a warm and original atmosphere.

This “Casamance Essentiels” collection weaves a deep texture onto the walls. The yarns cross, align, giving depth in a large colour palette.

A palette of burnished-golds, muted colours, and accents of bronze, grey, camel, navy and emerald: the colours create movement through elegant contrasts.

Influenced by the Bauhaus movement, and the poetry of Sonia Delaunay, MISURA structures spaces with abstract geometrics and colour. 

The graphics reiterate the vegetal opulence of a triumphant nature. Dots, lines, underlinings take their places successively and bring the floral world to life, enhanced by volume and gum finishes.

This delicate collection shows off the wooded depths of a secret garden, exotic, lush, colourful, where the plants are a source of olfactory sensations.

Geometric shapes and scrolls are revealed by the depth and the light, sculpted with metallic inks. MANSOUR is a structured collection which blends architecture with“haute couture”.

In Marrakech, the Yves Saint Laurent museum is an architectural jewel which recalls the weft of a fabric. It has inspired MANSOUR, a collection of lines, volumes and shapes. 

The suggestion of knots enhances the smooth and wild side of the material and accentuate the tactile dimension. Natural or more sophisticated, with shimmering shades and satin shine.

This collection from “Casamance Essentiels” borrows from the textures of silk to dress your walls with delicate elegance. 

Rich in diversity and combinations, heritage of its colonial splendourand the beauty of the virgin forest, the RIO MADEIRO collection shows us the magic and “joie de vivre” from a far through the intensity of its colours.

With magnificent volume, the raw textures come together as aweaving. Their beautiful materials and bright colours are revealed through rotogravure. Matte or iridescent highlights accentuate the grain and the finesse of the drawings and the light pulses in this visual and tactile harmony.