Facetted textures, hypnotic patterns and blended colours, the geometry metaphor stretches from top to bottom. No aspect has been forgotten : Tangram is fun, Blocks is pared-back, Losange is hypnotic and Rhythm/Mécano and Tetrimino are artistic.. what will your choice be ?

Walls with varying proportions : this is what the Perception collection has to offer. These multi-coloured wallpapers combine lines, textures and an extremely contemporary colour palette. They pay tribute to Op Art (Optical Art) dear to the artist Vasarely who died a quarter of a century ago. Rigourously simple at first glance, the Perception wallpaper collection plays with discontinuity, shapes and nuances to give your rooms a mysterious aura. 

The different designs in the “Cuba” collection originate from the patterns and shapes of exotic plants, the style of objects crafted using ancestral knowledge, the vast and exceptional landscapes, with a sometimes deliciously vintage accent.

In the heart of Havana, colours explode, the Sun is warm, music is everywhere, the vegetation flourishes…Casadeco gives you the chance to bring this joyful and flamboyant atmosphere into your home, to enjoy this unique decor every day, at once chic and authentic , full of “joie de vivre” and an unbelievable cultural heritage in a colonial style. 

A lustrous finish renders its texture more beautiful. The 57 colours of “Canevas” have been developed from the most popular paint colours in current trends.

Regular and infinite, welcoming and very soft, with a large range of beautifully balanced and soothing colours. Designed to resemble criss-crossing, woven and taut yarns, like the meticulous and difficult, dense and rich craftsmanship of traditional tapestries. Each colour has its unique, deep complexity, softened with lighter and softer shades. “Canevas” is a new collection of non-woven wallpapers which updates the CASADECO plains in a warm and contemporary style. 

After their ascension, we come back to earth with the exquisite blooms of Flower Power, so emblematic of the 70s. As for the surrealist “Not A Circle”, things are not going smoothly….to our great delight. This enchanting interlude ends with two wild panoramic wallpanels : “Pop” with its psychedelic designs and “Abstract” with its very eighties artistic collage.

Extremely inspired, the Iconic collection calls upon (and enhances !) the vintage trend with a dazzling panorama from the 50s to the 80s. Like these two young ladies, sneak into a fashion show and admire the 50’s style of “Fashion Week” : Christian Dior or Pierre Balmain, it’s up to you ! Just their outlines remain to create the sophisticated and linear “Model”. With “Arty”, the lines are even more streamlines, and geometry goes hand-in-hand with poetry. And what about the energetic Alberto and its slender dancers, looking as if they were hastily sculpted before taking flight. 

CASADECO Studio signs Gallery, a collection of wallpapers offering a variety of expression and graphic research that expresses a decorative atmosphere combining colours, shapes and technicality.