Water Garden


Water Dragon

A symbol of imperial power and authority, our hand painted water dragon was designed in the Sanderson studio. Its traditional background of clouds and rocks are reminiscent of Chinese porcelain, reinterpreted into a sumptuous, richly coloured cotton velvet. Available in two colourways: Emperor Blue/Emerald and Cinnabar Red


Inspired by a beautiful, painted silk, this lovely soft satin was designed in the Sanderson studio. Telling a story of English water gardens, Emperor ducks, characterful frogs and regal koi carp pair with irises and roses to recreate the spirit of the 1930s. Available in one colourway: Lotus Pink/Gosling


This wonderfully soft cotton velvet with jacquard weft detail was designed in the Sanderson studio. Its durable and an excellent choice for upholstery, with a forest of gingko and bonsai trees creating a stunning treetop canopy. Available in three colourways: Cinnabar Red, Midnight/Apricot and Moonlight

In contrast to its blousy Victorian contemporaries, the Chinese inspired decorative style of this 1920’s Jeffrey & Co. archive design is adorned with large peonies and tropical butterflies. Printed on 100% linen in the Jade/Apricot, Herbal Blue/Amber and Lotus Pink colourways, Emperor Peony is a beautiful choice for upholstery.

Available in four colourways: Jade/Apricot, Herbal Blue/Amber, Midnight/Apricot and Lotus Pink

Chinoiserie Hall

Beautiful and richly coloured, Chinoiserie Hall is inspired by an archive wallpaper called Chinese Magpie, believed to be designed by William Turner (1867-1936) and produced by Jeffrey & Co. In our interpretation, intricate budgies, stitched in viscose to achieve a subtle iridescence, perch on delicate branches amongst springtime blossom and neat buds.

Available in three colourways: Papavera, Cinnabar Red and Bamboo/Rose


An enchanting collection inspired by England’s ancient woodlands,Sanderson Arboretum combines statement creations with a range of bestselling designs. Evocative interpretations of majestic trees, secluded glades and indigenous wildlife, beautifully reflect the wonder of our natural surroundings.