How To Calculate

A. We measure the width of the curtain rod or rail.

B. We choose the curtain in one or two sheets depending on the size of the opening and whether the balcony door opens in the middle or on the side.

C. We measure the height, preferably with a sturdy measuring tape, from the hook of the rail or ring, for curtains with tresses, or from the top of the pole for curtains with trucks or braces, and to the floor. We remove 1 cm if we want the curtains not to touch the ground. We add from 2-10 cm depending on how much we want the fabric to touch the floor.

D. We choose the density of the curtain from 1/2, which is a normal sura or 1/2.5, which is an ideal type of density for most fabrics but also 1/3, for the thinnest curtains as well as for sides with more classic style

Tips 1. Add warmth to your space by choosing thicker and heavier curtains in the winter, or lighten and cool the space with light linen or cotton curtains in the summer.

2. Create a more modern space by choosing a combination of curtain and roller in the same balcony door opening.

3. Line your curtains to protect them from the strong sun.